Serving God… Ordination Mass of Rev Fr Samuel Lim, 9 August 2012

On 28 July 2012, Timothy was told that, together with Kristen in harmony, they would be cantoring for the Ordination Mass of Rev Fr Samuel Lim on 9 August 2012. My “Mom’s alarm bell rang”  – ‘… he has pre-lims 1-6 Aug!  That’s very little time for practise. Will it affect his exams?  Willl he do a good job (at cantoring)?’  We discussed, and we lifted up everything to HIM.  Timothy was initially apprehensive, he asked, “Ma will there be a lot of people?”  I replied, “It’s just like the other Masses you had cantored for… it’s always filled with people, isn’t it?  It’s no different. Just remember who you are doing it for.  It’s the same… it’s for God.”  He nodded. šŸ™‚

Ben (composer/pianist) emailed his compositions.  Both Kristen & Timothy learnt and practised their respective parts.  It wasn’t an easy composition and both practised hard.  They came together for their 1st practise on 4 August and they sounded… AWESOME!  What a privilege for the 2 12 year-olds to be cantoring at a Priestly Ordination, which in itself is so rare nowadays.

Below is Ps 103 – Send forth your Spirit O Lord, And renew the face of the earth

Kristen, Fr Samuel & Timothy

Lucky for the young Cantors and the Composer/Pianist, we managed to get this photo with the newly ordained Rev. Fr Samuel Lim.

Kristen, Fr Samuel, Timothy & Ben





May these youngsters – Priest, Composer & Cantors – continue to serve God in their own ways with the special gifts He has bestowed upon them.  And we thank God especially for another Shepherd (Fr Samuel) to take care of us, HIS flock.

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4 Responses to Serving God… Ordination Mass of Rev Fr Samuel Lim, 9 August 2012

  1. Sam says:

    I remember this moment with gratitude! It’s been 5 years, and I’m eternally grateful to the 3 of them. Beautiful talents! They have blessed me and many others so much – I know 2 weddings that used this composition, and not to forget the many positive affirmations from the youtube comments. Blessed Easter to all of you, especially to Tim, Kris and Ben [please send my wishes to them].

  2. JoL says:

    Your Comment caught me by surprise. Thank you Fr Sam for leaving a Comment! šŸ™‚

    Indeed time has gone past so quickly and we are equally thankful for the privilege to be given the opportunity to serve at your Priestly Ordination.

    Thank you for letting us know that this composition was used in other Masses as well. This is the 1st time I’ve heard of it, although I’ve had many requests over the years from all over the world. God is amazing!

    I remember having reservations about uploading this on youTube, but I thought I should share it to give God the glory. I am now so glad that I did as it has touched many. Praise be to God.

    Tim, Kris & Ben are equally moved at this feedback. I have conveyed your well wishes to them. Have a blessed Easter Fr Sam. We continue to keep you in our humble prayers.

  3. Cory says:

    Hi Joanna,

    Could you please send/forward the composition audio email to me. I have some special project for next year.


    • JoL says:

      Hi Cory,
      It’s been so long ago. I’ll try searching for it but can’t promise if I’ll find it. I’ll let you know.

      Would you care to share on your Special Project?


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